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Certificates / reports

Factory certificate

following IEC 60770

New: For selected sensors, we offer you a freely downloadable factory certificate.

It provides information on and documentation of the deviations from the reference value for analogue and IO-Link communication when, depending on the measuring range of the sensor, multiple control points are approached. To download the document, you only need the serial number of the device and an active e-shop account.

The free-of-charge factory certificate is available for the following products:


  • PI1602, PI17xx, PI18xx, PM1xxx
  • PI27xx, PI28xx, PM1xxx (starting with the production date 01/2018)
  • PG27xx, PG28xx (starting with the production date 01/2019)


  • TA11xx, TA13xx and TCCxxx
  • TA20xx, TA22xx, TA25xx, TA28xx, TD22xx, TD25xx, TD28xx, TD29xx
    (starting with the production date 01/2018)


  • SM4x2x, SM6x2x, SM7x2x, SM8x2x
  • SMFxxx
  • SDx500, SDx600 (issuing only possible for air characteristics)
  • SDGx5x


  • LDLxxx

➜ Download factory certificate

Manufacturer Certificate acc. to DIN EN 10 204-2.1

according to DIN 50049-2.1

The Manufacturer Certificate confirms compliance with the order without indicating test results.

  • With inspection documents, time and resources needed for goods incoming inspections can be significantly reduced.
  • Cost reduction
  • Manufacturer Certificates and Manufacturer Declarations in accordance with the EN 10204 standard
  • The order is thus confirmed by the manufacturer.

➜ Download sample Manufacturer Certificate

Manufacturer Declaration acc. to DIN EN 10 204-2.2

according to DIN 50049-2.2

The Manufacturer Declaration certifies that the listed articles conform to the indications in the corresponding data sheet and have been subjected to a 100% final test.

  • Tests from a Manufacturer Declaration relate to the quality level of a manufacturer’s series of products and thus differ from the Manufacturer Certificate.
  • The certificate is confirmed by the manufacturer.
  • The Manufacturer Declarations and other certificates described in the standard are an important means of quality management, as they provide meaningful information for internal testing.

➜ Download sample Manufacturer Declaration

Inspection certificate acc. to DIN EN 10-204-3.1

according to DIN 50049-3.1

The inspection certificate includes the results of batch-related tests to prove that the requirements for the material characteristics and quality are met.

  • For various applications, the relevant material characteristics can be determined to design machines and components with regard to their strength or resistance.

➜ Download sample Inspection certificate

Inspection certificate material EN10204-2.1/2.2/3.1

according to ISO10474

  • Certifies that the listed articles conform to the indications in the corresponding data sheet.
  • Applies to the specified article(s) and must be requested when ordering the article.
  • Only issued for level sensor products. If issuing is possible, this is indicated on the Accessories pane of the sensor in question.

➜ Download sample Inspection certificate

Cleaning for oxygen use

Cleaning for oxygen use ensures the absence of oil and grease and thus the safe use in the process.

  • Sensors used in oxygen applications pose a hazard when they are not free from residues or contamination.
  • To prevent self-ignition, the parts of such sensors, which come into contact with the medium, need to be cleaned.
  • The cleaned units are specially marked and packed.
  • Cleaning for oxygen use is only available for pressure sensors up to 25bar. 1 ZC0019 has to be ordered for every sensor.

Oil calibration service for SB type flow sensors

By means of oil calibration, oil characteristics for exact calibration curves can be adjusted and thus tailored to specific applications.

  • The accuracy of oil sensors strongly depends on the viscosity and temperature of the oil used.
  • The higher the temperature, the more fluid the oil - and the other way around.
  • That is why we offer individual calibrations.

Your advantage?

  • Enormous time, energy, and cost savings.