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Speed monitor in compact housing

The easiest way to keep an eye on speeds

Whether conveyors, belt drives, centrifuges or screw conveyors:
The Compact speed monitor is the first choice wherever rotating or linear movements are to be monitored with regard to overspeed and underspeed. Thanks to ATEX approval, use in hazardous areas, for example in grain processing, is also possible without risk.

Everything in a compact housing

Both the pulse-generating inductive sensor and the speed evaluation are integrated in a compact M18 housing - it doesn’t get any more space-saving than this. Due to the robust metal housing, there is no need for an additional impact protection housing.

The Compact speed monitor in detail

Use case for conveying

The challenge

Be it conveyor belt, screw conveyor or bucket elevator: To avoid unplanned downtime caused by considerable material build-up, it is important to always keep an eye on the smooth running of a conveyor system.

The solution

  • The decentralised sensor monitors whether a machine is still running
  • The sensor can output an alarm message as soon as the conveyor system stops
  • The controller does not have to evaluate complex pulses and frequencies itself and therefore has more capacity for the actual control functions.

Measured value principle

Simple operating principle
– only one damping element is required on the rotating shaft
The sensor uses the time between two damping events to calculate the speed
Adjustable nominal speed
Exceeding or falling short of the nominal speed is forwarded via a configurable output signal
Reliable machine start
No false triggering thanks to configurable start-up delay

Added value thanks to IO-Link

The sensor provides a lot of information via IO-Link:

  • Speed values
  • Minimum and maximum values
  • Switch points

IO-Link enables convenient parameter setting, for example of:

  • Start-up delay
  • Operating mode (single point mode, window mode, two point mode)
  • Convenient setting of the switch points via teach function

With the help of the setting ring, the sensor can also be adjusted manually on site.