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ifm mate: assistance system for manual workstations

Support, the easy way

With ifm mate you gain a patient and – theoretically – omniscient colleague for your manual workstations. Whether assembly work or packaging tasks: With ifm mate you can define, explain and carry out every manual work process step by step.

The core of the system is an AI algorithm that recognises the worker’s hands in combination with the camera mounted above the workstation – without additional and obstructive gadgets such as wristbands or VR glasses. The defined workflow of the process is shown on the display, as well as optional supporting content such as videos or graphics.

Quality assurance with a learning effect

mate also clearly indicates deviations from the defined workflow. The missed process step is repeated until it has been carried out correctly. This improves the learning curve for the worker and ensures a high quality of execution.

Sensor integration and central library

O2D5 vision sensors can be seamlessly integrated into mate for even more effective quality control of the workpieces, for example via target/actual contour analysis. Via REST API, the system can communicate with higher-level IT infrastructure and transmit information about the current order status or assembly progress. Dialogue with SAP is also possible so that order planning can be done centrally for the individual systems.

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Real-time instructions due to intelligent image processing

Experience how easy and efficient it is to train the production process even for very small batches, effectively ensuring 100% quality from the very first step. Without any additional manpower. No frills at all. Very uncomplicated.