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Free visualisation with 20 multicolour segments

  • First-class visibility
  • Modern LED RGB technology – long life, reduced stock-keeping
  • For flexible use as segment or bar graph display
  • Individual configuration of the display modes
  • Easy integration and control via IO-Link

Individual process visualisation

In almost all installations, light towers serve as clearly visible display of machine and process conditions.

With 20 individually controllable segments, this light tower offers particularly great flexibility. On the one hand, segments can be combined into groups, allowing for 1 to 5-segment display. On the other hand, the 20 segments can also be used as a bar graph display for visualisation of analogue values, for example for clearly visible level indication on tanks or silos. In this oper- ating mode, exceeded thresholds are clearly indicated in colour.

Some of the light towers also feature an integrated buzzer. In short, these versatile configurable light towers leave nothing to be desired.