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Inductive full-metal sensors – robust, compact, accurate

The sensors guarantee reliable operation in a wide temperature range and are - thanks to their high protection rating - suited for all kinds of applications.

  • High-grade stainless steel design
  • Shock and vibration resistance
  • Universal use thanks to protection rating IP 65 to 69K
  • Simple connection via standard M12 connector
  • Great flexibility due to high temperature resistance

Robust full-metal sensors
Full-metal sensors are used wherever an application requires a special mechanical design. In the food industry, not only fast temperature changes, but also aggressive media used for daily cleaning will stress the housing material. The same applies to applications in machine tools and plants where the sensors are permanently exposed to coolants and lubricants. In the steel industry or in automotive industry, however, weld spatter is not only a strain on the sensing face but also on the threaded sleeve. In this context, the full-metal design with non-stick coating and the robust sensing face are the ideal solution to ensure a safe operation. Moreover, the robust stainless steel design offers optimum protection against abrasive parts in metal-cutting machining. The compact design permits use even in the smallest of spaces.

Added value thanks to IO-Link
The smart sensor profile of the full-metal sensors with IO-Link provides various setting options: Switch points and output functions can be configured separately to meet different applications, which reduces storage cost. Moreover, the distance to the object can be verified via IO-Link at any time. Any change in the mechanical distances will be immediately detected, allowing for preventive readjustment. This reduces unscheduled downtime to a minimum.

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