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Small transmitter with integrated DIN valve plug

  • Robust welded stainless steel housing with high IP 67 protection rating
  • Measurement accuracy < ±0.5 %, repeatability < ±0.05 %
  • Extremely fast response: step response time of only 2 ms
  • Compact design (SW19) with process connection

Fast and easy exchange
Despite numerous alternatives valve plugs are still used for the connection of sensors in many plants. ifm’s PT50xx series now also includes compact pressure sensors with an integrated valve plug. This makes it easy to integrate the sensors into existing plants and to use the existing wiring, which saves time and money.

Tried-and-tested technology and high IP protection rating
The PT50xx is based on the PT5 family which is perfectly tried and tested on the market. It features a robust thin-film measuring cell without a sealing ring in compact design with 19 mm across flats. With a suitable socket (e.g. E30447) the valve plug used here reaches IP 67 protection rating. In contrast to the IP 65 sensors with valve plug which are common on the market the operational reliability is higher.