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LED dome for reliable identification

Homogeneous illumination by means of integrated LEDs for precise recognition of different codes even with complicated shapes and reflexes

  • Homogeneous light in four different colours
  • Two colour combinations selectable: white/infrared or cyan/red
  • Two illuminated area sizes
  • Four lighting segments can be controlled separately
  • Permanent light or pulse operation with 4 times more light
  • No external control unit necessary

Many objects, such as aluminium bags, blister packages or curved metal surfaces with printed, dot-peened or punched codes have difficult reflecting properties. Dome illumination provides a remedy. The integrated LEDs radiate into the dome from below. Due to the diffuse reflection under the dome, the result is an evenly lit surface, comparable to the light conditions on a cloudy day. If standard illumination is used, however, direct reflection on the object may lead to halation (hot spot), similar to the reflection of sunlight on a cloudless day. The homogeneous illumination guarantees reliable monitoring or identification results even in case of reflective objects with complicated shapes. The light colour and the four lighting segments can be selected via the pushbutton module or externally.