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Centrifugal pump monitoring

Pumps are one of the most common pieces of equipment in all sectors of industry.  Uninterrupted flow from pumps is vital to keep operations running in applications from heating and cooling systems to product storage and delivery. 

How can you improve your overall operational effectiveness?  Most often, pumps are overlooked until they stop working.  Remote monitoring for wear on motors, bearings, shafts, impeller unbalance, or cavitation can reduce unplanned downtime events.

Pump shaft monitoring

  • Accelerometer monitors bearing frequencies and provides alerts of damaged or worn bearings that cause mechanical stress and unbalance conditions.

Pump impeller assembly monitoring

  • Accelerometer monitors forces to detect degradation of the impeller that causes out-of-balance conditions.

Pump cavitation monitoring

  • Accelerometers monitor the damaging vibration of cavitation.  Pump operation can be altered to eliminate conditions that cause cavitation.

Pump motor monitoring

  • Accelerometer monitors motor bearings for proper lubrication and operation.
  • Accelerometer monitors mechanical system for loose foot or other structural issues.

Pump coupling system

  • Accelerometer monitors shaft coupling and alignment for proper operating condition.

Edge computing

  • Vibration Edge controller processes sensor signals and evaluates operational status for real-time condition monitoring.
  • Automates complex algorithms (e.g., Fast Fourier Transforms) at the edge, minimizing network bandwidth and server resources.
  • Tracks and locally stores measurement trend history to simplify data management and transfer.
  • Converts measured data values into actionable information at the point of use.
  • Connects to industrial and business Ethernet system for simplified asset maintenance and operational management.