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  1. Level sensors overview
  2. Point level application
  3. Water based media

Water based media level sensors

Sensor Family Insertion Lengths Technology Signal Points to Consider

10…40 mm Impedance spectroscopy • Switch
• IO-Link
• Suppresses residue, splashing and foam
• Reliable alternative to tuning forks
• Media differentiation capability

132…737 mm Capacitive • Switch
• IO-Link
• Top-down mounting
• Protects against overflow
• 4 probe lengths available with adjustability

Measuring range
up to 40 mm
Capacitive • Switch
• IO-Link
• Senses through mounting well, sight glass, plastic tank or direct contact
• Innovative bar graph display available
• Low profile KQ housing mounts on flat surface

Measuring range
up to 2200 mm
Ultrasonic • Switch
• IO-Link
• Accurate level detection regardless of medium
• Actual distance available via IO-Link