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moneo: the IIoT platform for industry and production

As an IIoT platform, ifm moneo combines the level of operation technology with the level of information technology. The sensor data generated in the production plants can be read and processed easily and used as a basis for sustainable corporate decisions.

moneo has a modular structure and consists of a basic software as well as applications, for example, for condition monitoring or for IO-Link sensor parameter setting. This makes it possible to put together a tailor-made software package for every individual requirement.

For over 50 years, we have been supporting our customers as a leading supplier of automation solutions. We have now combined our experience in sensor technology with the expert knowledge of our software subsidiaries – this is moneo, "simply made for you".

At Sheard Packaging we are always looking at way to make our Production Smoother, Faster and more cost Efficient. As part of this We work closely With ifm to implement new technologies to revamp and monitor our most crucial equipment.

Working together we have been able to think outside the box and come up with new methods to achieve this using cutting edge technology from ifm including moneo Vibration Analysis that allows us to plan our Maintenance and greatly reduce our unplanned Downtime.

Dean Sherman
Electrical Maintenance Manager
Sheard Packaging

Your advantages with moneo

Digitisation can be so quick and simple. With moneo.

You can only work efficiently and successfully if you have the right tools. The same applies to digitisation. With moneo as your digital toolbox, you will always have all the tools you need for a successful implementation of your IIoT projects at your fingertips. moneo is an industry and manufacturer independent IIoT platform that is open to everything.

Open technology platform simplifies integration

moneo focuses on a simple and fast implementation of the modules and user-friendly interfaces. Thus, your IIoT project will be immediately ready to go and your staff will very quickly appreciate the digital support.

moneo is an industry-independent, manufacturer-independent IIoT platform and thus enables you to integrate a wide range of existing devices and use the data more efficiently.

Increase the efficiency of your plants!

moneo converts sensor data into digital information, evaluates it and transmits it to the IT world. There, they are available as a reliable basis for decision-making. With moneo, machines can be maintained predictively, unplanned downtimes can be avoided and, thus, the plant efficiency can be increased.

Early detection of damage, avoidance of downtimes

moneo analyses the sensor data and detects deviations. If a machine is running differently than usual, this indicates wear or changes in the process that could lead to a failure.
There is often enough time between the occurrence of the first deviations and a standstill to schedule predictive maintenance.

Customisable system solutions

The modular approach of moneo is particularly flexible in adapting to the requirements of an IIoT project. moneo offers the right modules for different applications and industries - your digital toolbox.

It is possible to book the moneo modules as required. This offers convenient use with low investment costs and very high flexibility.

moneo grows with your requirements. And at your pace.

The function modules are scalable for all machines.

The moneo starter kit is the perfect start into digitisation. If you are ready for the next steps, an extension by further modules or device connections is easily possible. With the infopoint licences, the costs depend on the number of data points that are in use. moneo is a growing system. moneo grows with your requirements.


Further modules are being planned and implemented. These expand the moneo portfolio.

Tailor-made digitisation

simply made for you!

Our customers and their entrepreneurial success have always been our focus. That is why we consistently develop high-performance products that are easy to handle. This also applies to moneo.

simply: The new simplicity
What’s the use of the best software if it's no fun? You can look forward to a modern design and user-friendliness ranging from installation to daily use. moneo is that simple!

made by ifm: Our focused expertise
Since 1969, we have been convincing our customers time and again with the best automation solutions. The core of our success: our outstanding competence and high customer orientation. And we have put both into moneo!

for you: Your individual solution
Configure sensors, evaluate information, monitor statuses, predict maintenance requirements: moneo is the solution. For the whole. For every detail. Modularity makes it possible. Use moneo precisely to the extent you need. It is your toolbox. It is your moneo!

The modular system: The size of your moneo will always adapt to your requirements.

Experience the ease of IT-supported process optimisation with moneo. moneo is the all-in-one platform for all those who wish to interact with their system in a predictive manner. Evaluate information, adjust parameters. All in one software.

In line with our corporate slogan "ifm - close to you", we offer tailor-made complete solutions for process optimisation to our customers around the globe : "moneo - simply made for you”.

As powerful as the software is in its full range, thanks to its modular design, it will always only be as big as you want it to be. Because you alone know which functions will help you in your specific situation - and you alone decide which moneo modules you wish to activate.

In other words: moneo is your personal digital toolbox. And it is just as easy to handle as its analogue counterpart.

Get an overview of the moneo modules

moneo OS: the IIoT platform

The heart and management tool for all moneo apps. Intelligent device integration enables a digital image of the system. Tool for calculating data flow models and with automatic alarm function.

Use cases

As a market leader in automation technology, we closely follow our customers’ requirements. With moneo, we offer you a future-oriented digital tool for long-term successful industrial evolution.

You,too, can start today with the digital possibilities of tomorrow. There are many applications for our solutions. We have worked out some use cases. Do you have other ideas or requirements? We will be glad to offer you our expertise and advice.

Get advice from our experts

Together we will make your project successful.

Convinced? Just get in touch. We will accompany you on your way. To meet your requirements, our ifm system sales team will support you right from the start - ranging from strategic consulting to the development of individual software and hardware solutions and the corresponding implementation and further services.