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Pressure sensors

Sensors for mobile machines

Pressure transmitters without display and with analogue output
Stainless steel measuring cell without any seal
Vibration and shock resistant
Deutsch, AMP or M12 connector
-40…125°C medium temperature
Response time 2 ms
Ideal for use in mobile hydraulic applications

Precise and reliable even under the highest pressure

The PT/PU-type sensors are suited for mobile applications and especially for hydraulic and pneumatic applications with high operating pressure. The high vibration and shock resistance, the high protection rating, the excellent EMC resistance and E1 conformity make the PT/PU sensors particularly suitable for use in mobile machines. The connectors of the new pressure sensors allow fast and easy installation in mobile machines. The sensors also feature a thin-film measuring cell directly welded with the process connection. This technology guarantees high accuracy in a very compact housing with only 19 mm across flats at a cost-optimised price/performance ratio.

Sensors for mobile machines

• Pressure transmitters with DEUTSCH or AMP connector

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