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Systems for mobile machines

Always the first choice. Robust, flexible, reliable.

Construction machines Agricultural and forestry machines Municipal vehicles Transport and logistics

You never know what the next job will entail. But you can make sure that your mobile machines are ideally equipped for every challenge: with the robust and reliable system solutions from ifm. From sensors and cables to displays and controllers, ifm offers a complete range of high-quality components for use in mobile machines, all from a single source.
So no matter what the challenge is, you can trust that each part of the system will run smoothly.

Learn about all the benefits ifm products have to offer!

ecomatmobile in Motorsport

If you want to reliably deliver top performance on the race track without putting excessive strain on the engine and power train, you cannot do without monitoring relevant processes. Find out here how ecomatmobile products can contribute to this.

High quality creates reliability

All ifm units have to prove their reliability in extensive tests. Standard market product tests are stepped up and supplemented with combination tests. These also include thermal shock and vibration tests along with special leak tests, e.g. using high-pressure water jets. Among others, these test procedures lead to protection rating IP 69K that all sensors and connectors for mobile applications have. Before the ifm products go to the customer they are all submitted to a 100 % final inspection.

Only these measures allow ifm to guarantee the quality and reliability they promise the customer.

Quality production

Highly automated and precise manufacturing processes make it possible to produce defect-free products with minimised tolerance ranges. Comprehensive quality controls as well as a continuously high quality of the materials ensure that our products meet the highest requirements and withstand the harshest operating conditions. The complete production process is, of course, certified to ISO standards.

Cannot be shocked

Strong impact and vibrations are part of everyday operation of a mobile machine. Our products for mobile use must withstand all these influences. Vibration and shock tests simulate the harsh operating conditions and ensure the correct functioning of our components. Housings, electrical connections, displays – everything must withstand even the most adverse environmental conditions.

Checked for reliable operation

Quality is a decisive factor for ifm. All ecomatmobile components are checked for their quality in all relevant production steps. After final assembly, comprehensive function tests are performed on each individual product including inputs, outputs and interfaces. Only units with the test result “functions correctly” leave the factory.

For extreme climates

Many climate zones, one requirement: correct functioning. Among others the switch-on behaviour of the ecomatmobile components is tested at extreme temperatures at our climate lab. Using targeted UV irradiation, we ensure that strong sunlight has no effect on the units. Our components also have to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and high humidity.