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Photoelectric sensor measures distances in the µm range

High-precision object detection

Thanks to its high resolution, the OMH sensor detects tiny objects in standard mode with an accuracy in the micrometre range. Even precise arrangements and positioning of delicate components, such as those used in battery cell production, can be reliably ensured with the high-precision OMH.

Additional speed and power mode

In fast conveyor belt applications, the sensor achieves impressive measuring frequencies of 1200 Hz in speed mode. In power mode, the OMH maintains this micrometre precision even under challenging conditions, such as in PCB assembly. This is an outstanding feature, as ordinary distance sensors often fail to reliably detect such objects.

Ready for all kinds of challenges

Thanks to its compact and robust design as well as its analogue output, the highly precise OMH will also convince you in retrofit applications. IO-Link ensures easy parameter setting and data use in fully automated processes.