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Innovations and products- flow sensors/ flow meters

Products for flow monitoring and flow rate measurement are as varied as their applications. ifm’s flow sensors offer unparalleled levels of quality and robustness.

Whether for automotive applications, food & beverage, mobile machines, robotics, the water industry or other purposes: every industry has its own challenges and requirements that ifm fully satisfies with its sensors.

The list below shows our new products as well as flow sensors recently introduced to the market.

Find out more about the outstanding properties, range of functions, quality features and innovative strength of the product families in our flow sensor range.

Current product innovations:

Air gap sensor for machine tools

The SDP air gap sensor detects the distance between the surface and object with consistent accuracy and outputs it as an absolute value. Even the smallest deviations of the actual position from the target position are reliably detected. This permanently ensures the quality of your product.

Thermal compressed air meter of the highest level

The new thermal compressed air meter is distinguished as a real all-rounder. It does not only have an integrated temperature sensor, but it also features a pressure sensor, allowing the user to read four process values at once (volumetric flow, pressure, temperature and totaliser = total quantity meter) and optimise the production.

Accurate detection of high-pressure cleaning

When documenting cleaning processes and high-pressure applications, the mechatronic measuring principle with its fast response time is the first choice. The integrated temperature sensor and the versatile diagnostic functions via IO-Link save both additional hardware costs and maintenance costs.

SDG compressed air meter

Precise compressed air measurement from its generation to the consumer

The SDG compressed air meter is a real all-rounder. Thanks to the additionally integrated sensors for pressure and temperature, the user can see four process values (flow rate, pressure, temperature and total consumption) at a glance, which provide information about the energy efficiency of his system. Offering a wide portfolio of precise inline sensors from DN8 to DN250, ifm covers the complete range of applications.