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AS-Interface: worldwide open installation standard

Advantages of AS-i: Higher performance. Less effort.

ifm’s AS-Interface (AS-i, ASI) opens up completely new possibilities for the user. From easy and quick set-up to additional data availability for machine monitoring to process transparency from the machine level to the PLC: AS-Interface offers convincing efficiency gains and cost savings. See for yourself!

Our customers who previously used standard parallel wiring see the following impacts:

15 - 30%
cost savings
through reduced installation complexity
20 - 50%
shorter installation times through considerable reduction of wiring and facilitated connection to the controller

Leading manufacturers of sensors, actuators and control technology have jointly developed AS-Interface. This creates a standardised and fieldbus-independent interface for automation, which offers the user a simple connection to control systems.

Simple and quick set-up
Standardised 2-wire flat cable
Quick mounting technology
Flexible topology
Guaranteed transmission time< 10ms with 248 inputs and outputs
Reducing cost and effort
Modular structure and flexible connection technology
Controller and fieldbus independent due to simple connection with diagnostic possibilities