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  1. Advantages of AS-i
  2. System overview

AS-Interface system overview

What opportunities does AS-Interface offer?

Companies worldwide are relying on simple wiring and automation technologies to improve their overall plant efficiency and availability. Always present: AS-Interface. The sophisticated AS-Interface technology offers high reliability, noise immunity and diverse diagnostic capabilities.

The simple, very stable and proven technology enables sensors to simultaneously transmit diagnostic information to the PLC and to higher-level IT infrastructures. Its modular structure and flexible connection technology ensure easy integration into the system.

A two-wire flat cable transmits data and energy, eliminating complex parallel wiring.

You would like to know more about AS-Interface? Nothing easier than that.
We have summarised the most important facts and benefits of AS-Interface for you.

AS-i Topologie
AS-i key data:
Topology flexible structure
Medium unshielded two-wire line for data and energy
Cable length 100 m, expandable to up to 1,000 m, up to 3,000 m possible through fibre optics
Number of I/Os 496 inputs + 496 outputs for digital, analogue and safe data
Cycle time 5- 10 ms

What does AS-Link offer you?

  • A globally standardised system according to IEC 62026-2.
  • AS-Interface enables cabling while freely choosing your topology.
    It replaces the complex, conventional parallel wiring.
  • The cabling can be connected to control systems with different fieldbus systems (such as EtherNet/IP, Profibus-DP, Profinet, EtherCat etc.).

How do you benefit from AS-Interface?

  • Easy-to-implement, unshielded wiring and voltage concept.
  • AS-Interface is a flexible, inexpensive system that can be easily expanded.
  • Safe and non-safe data can be processed via the same system.
  • Less complex set-up and reduced input for documentation as well as diverse diagnostic capabilities.
  • Reduction of terminals through modular structure and flexible connection technology.

Bottom line

AS-Interface provides an easy and comfortable way to build a future-proof foundation for smart industrial automation.

AS-i ClassicLine modules

An animation shows the toolless quick mounting technology.

The user can insert the flat cable into the module lower part in three different directions. A slide locks the upper part and lower part.