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  2. A precise look at pump health

A precise look at pump health

Drinking water pumping station with several pumps and pipes

Your advantages with vibration monitoring

Increased plant availability thanks to early fault detection.
Simple condition monitoring thanks to visually clear data preparation.
Central alarm system enables fast response in case of emergency.

A precise look at pump health

Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis produces smart and sustainable pumping solutions for municipal and industrial water supply. With three service centres Pentair ensures that customers receive all the support they need when dealing with pumps: from inspections, preventive and corrective maintenance, the procurement and replacement of pumps to prompt support in the event of acute maintenance needs. "With our condition monitoring solution Pentair CMD19, we also offer our customers the modern possibilities of efficient demand-oriented maintenance based on the evaluation of the vibration behaviour of the system," says Jeroen Munnik, head of the Pentair Service Centre in Zevenbergen.

Vertical pump