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  1. Water and wastewater
  2. Condition monitoring across the entire water cycle

Condition monitoring across the entire water cycle

Your advantages with vibration monitoring

Increased plant availability thanks to early fault detection 
Reduced maintenance costs thanks to permanent, digital monitoring
Central alarm system enables fast response in case of emergency

Condition monitoring across the entire water cycle

How South West Water achieves its business goals with vibration monitoring. 

South West Water provides reliable, efficient and high-quality drinking water and wastewater services for a population of around 1.7 million in Cornwall, Devon, the Isles of Scilly and parts of Somerset and Dorset.  To meet the needs of its customers the company stores water in more than 20 reservoirs and treats it in around 40 water treatment works to produce drinking water for the region. South West Water also operates 650 wastewater treatment works. Among them is the Marsh Mills facility on the outskirts of the city of Plymouth. Around one third of the wastewater of the city’s 230,000 inhabitants is treated here in several stages before being fed back into the water cycle. With comprehensive condition monitoring, the company ensures the availability of its machines - and thus the reliable supply of drinking water to its customers. At the same time, condition monitoring saves the company up to £150,000 a year in maintenance costs.

Condition monitoring of compressor- and motor bearing