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Water – a scarce resource: ifm continues to support companies in reducing consumption by using water efficiency in all required processes.

With the steady growth in global population and the worldwide impact of climate change, there is a rise in demand for the essential and vital natural resource, water. To meet this demand, it is critical that water is treated immediately after use so that it can be available for safe use again. This requires  more sophisticated, more effective processes that must be implemented and carried out simultaneously as economically as possible.

To overcome these challenges,  ifm offers  reliable and innovative automation solutions. While we always consider current trends and requirements, we also search for the best possible solutions for tomorrow, ensuring that security and future viability are guaranteed in equal measure.

Your advantage of our automation solutions

Due to the increasing scarcity and value of our freshwater resources, it is important to operate plants as effectively as possible along the entire cycle. Our solutions, consisting of hardware and software, offer you the possibility to operate your plants in the best possible way in terms of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Benefit from the added value of digital data communication with IO-Link. From the sensor to the IT level, we offer you all the components you need to keep an eye on the health status and maintenance requirements of your system at all times. This helps you to reduce downtime to a minimum.
The more precise the plant data you have at your disposal, the more efficiently you can treat water to the required quality. For this purpose, we provide you with precise sensor technology, the structures for loss-free digital data transmission via IO-Link and software for a simple, transparent dialogue with your plant.
Every slightest error in water treatment corresponds to the loss of a precious resource. With our solutions for continuous quality analysis and for a transparent overview and control of all automation components involved in the process, you can reliably safeguard your quality requirements in the long term.

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