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Robotics and automation technology

Intelligent digitalisation solutions from a single source

Robots and assembly systems have for decades been an inherent part of industrial production. They enable efficient work processes and secure a consistently high standard of quality at virtually any step of the value chain: The automated systems are used for welding, painting, pick & place, assembly, packaging, labelling and transportation – and that is just a small fraction of a sheer endless range of applications.

Industrial robots – at home in almost every producing branch of industry

So it is not surprising that robots can be found in virtually every manufacturing sector: The world of car manufacturing, metalworking or even plastics processing would be unthinkable today without them. Robots have also become established in process technology. Thanks to the huge leaps forward that have been made in gripper technology, hygienic design and intelligent image processing, there is now huge potential for the use of robots in the processing of food. The same applies to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and packaging industries.

Key role in the factory of the future

In the smart factory of the future, robotics can provide a significant advantage: mobility and flexibility. Large-scale conveyor belts and static production lines are increasingly being replaced by intelligent, mobile robot units moving autonomously and interconnectedly in the space while performing service and logistics tasks.

Benefits of ifm automation solutions

The level of industrial automation and digitalisation is increasing worldwide. Companies that want to remain competitive in the long run need to keep pace with this development, which can pose a major challenge, especially in terms of specialist resources.

ifm assists customers who develop tomorrow’s industrial robots, assembly systems and mobile robots (AGVs/ AMRs) on the path of industrial evolution: with reliable and innovative automation and digitalisation solutions.

Our solutions consisting of sensors, identification systems and machine vision as well as smart connection technology and software solutions allow you to plan and operate your machinery and equipment at the required overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Reduce error rates – increase quality

Save time – improve efficiency

Reduce costs

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