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Construction machines

Robust controllers ensure machine intelligence
Automate all operating functions of your vehicle

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ioControl - the compact controller
Can be used as a freely programmable controller for signal processing of fast input signals

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Different display formats
The solution for individual customer requirements - can for example be used as a monitor for surveillance cameras or as an information terminal for machine status messages

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Cameras to assist the operator
React to obstacles before the driver sees them and prevent collisions

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Optimised fleet use with mobileMaintenance
The basis for fleet management and monitoring of the machinery pool

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Pressure monitoring in oil circuits
Monitor the pressure in the oil circuit of your machine with a pressure sensor for mobile use

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Wheeled excavator

Lifting, rotating, turning and driving - the ecomatController reliably performs all these tasks in a wheeled excavator. Hydraulic valves can be controlled sensitively thanks to the flexible output functions. Communication with the diesel engine via the CAN bus enables power control, e.g. by increasing the speed during work tasks. To ensure smooth operation of the machine, a direct dialogue between machine and operator is required. This is where the ecomatDisplay comes in. It can be used to display system error messages and view and adjust all important operating parameters.

Bridge inspection platform

ifm offers the powerful ecomatController for safety-related applications in mobile machines. The unit excels in complex and demanding control functions, e.g. in a bridge inspection platform. The ecomatContoller has been developed to current safety standards. Hardware and software have been certified by the German TÜV association.

The ecomatContoller supports the operator as a SafetyController, ensuring reliable operational processes on the platform in line with the high demands.

Drilling rig

Vibrations and extreme shaking in a drilling rig - no problem for ifm’s ecomatmobile components. The high protection rating and the advanced mechanical design guarantee permanently reliable operation.

The powerful mobile controllers were developed on the basis of the current standards and long-term experience to carry out the complex functions in mobile machines. The controllers are equipped with 4 CAN interfaces. They support all important bus protocols, different baud rates and also the transparent and preprocessed data exchange. Programming with CODESYS to IEC 61131-3 ensures that all control functions can be easily integrated in the application program.

Stone crusher

Vibrations and extreme shaking in a shone crusher - no problem for ecomatmobile. The high protection rating and the advanced mechanical concept guarantee permanently reliable operation. This does not only apply for the controllers, but also for the I/O modules with DEUTSCH or M12 connection technology and the powerful and robust displays. The latter are used both for operation and to display system messages.

Soil stabiliser

Operating under extreme operating conditions: decentralised CAN modules with DEUTSCH or M12 connection technology and high protection rating can be mounted almost everywhere, resulting in considerably reduced wiring. The 32-bit SmartController is also suited for use as an intelligent I/O module for decentralised pre-processing of sensor signals in complex control systems.

Networking of the input/output modules with the CANopen protocol on the powerful CAN bus allows quick implementation of the application. The integrated CANopen interfaces serve for the flexible and powerful extension of the system with further I/O or control modules.


In mobile machines and equipment most functions are carried out by hydraulic systems. Electronic valve and pump control has become a standard in modern machines. ifm’s ecomatmobile system provides current-controlled PWM outputs and optimised control functions for the power outputs. This leads to a manufacturer-independent interface between hydraulics and electronics.

RUBBLE MASTER puts sensor technology and controllers from ifm to the test

MAX VIEW: intelligent system for collision avoidance

Mine Master: drilling rig in an underground copper mine