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Spotted: The screening machine and ifm

© kabel eins

The BasicDisplay – a great help for detecting machine problems: The ifm display was spotted in the Kabel1 programme "Trecker Babes" in the controller of a screening machine.

An ifm colleague spotted the ifm display in the controller of a screening machine from the Swedish company SANDVIK.

The TV series features women operating tractors and other big machines in construction and agriculture. In this video clip, a young driver is supposed to operate a new screening machine for the first time.

The ifm BasicDisplay is used to control, configure and operate mobile machines and installations. Data and device functions are reliably transferred via CAN interfaces. In the video, the display provides valuable assistance to the machine operator. The display of error codes helps to determine why the machine cannot be started at first.

 The 15 metre long screening machine is used for screening in recycling, mining and construction. It features a dual sieve tray, which makes it possible to carry out two screening processes simultaneously.