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The 3 P's of Supply Chain Excellence

Supply chain management
Trade fair
Date of the event

Apollo Theatre Siegen and in the digital livestream

Target group

Logistics experts, SAP project managers and PM supervisors, SCM managers, CIOs, CFOs, digitalisation and Industry 4.0 officers, maintenance managers, production managers and anyone with an interest in supply chain management


DE / EN (simultaneous translation)

Participation fee

Free of charge, with registration

ifm SUCCESS DAYS: SCM symposium 2024

The global economy is going crazy: political crises, climate change and international dependencies are leading to rising prices for consumers and companies. To remain competitive, it is important to create new financial room for manoeuvre. But how? Are there ways in which we can unleash savings potential by optimising our supply chain processes?

They do exist! Three of them are the focus of ifm SUCCESS DAYS 2024: planning, pricing and processing are important levers when it comes to making the supply chain smarter and more efficient. We would like to discuss exactly how this works and what supply chain excellence has to do with an excellent supply chain.

We look forward to welcoming you to our SCM symposium on 4 and 5 June 2024 - live at the Apollo Theatre Siegen or via digital stream.

Register now for 2024!

What are the ifm SUCCESS DAYS?

Whether for logistics experts, SAP project managers, SCM managers, CIOs or CFOs: the symposium offers information on current topics, explains new trends and technologies, provides information on the new SAP-certified developments of ifm solutions, gives users a chance to have their say and represents an important networking platform for all aspects of Supply Chain Management.

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ifm is present at trade fairs all over the world. Be there, visit us and be one of the first to look at the latest top innovations.

Date of the event

Apollo Theatre Siegen and in the digital livestream

Target group

Logistics experts, SAP project managers and PM supervisors, SCM managers, CIOs, CFOs, digitalisation and Industry 4.0 officers, maintenance managers, production managers and anyone with an interest in supply chain management


DE / EN (simultaneous translation)

Participation fee

Free of charge, with registration

Accommodation on site

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SCM trade fair and networking event


The presenter duo Comisel and Awode are back at the start for you

Authentic, spontaneous and relaxed - that's what our presenter Gerlinde Comisel stands for. Since 2020, she has been guiding guests at ifm SUCCESS DAYS through the event with charm and enthusiasm. When she became part of the ifm family 18 years ago, it quickly became clear that she would remain loyal to sales. Today, as part of the Global Operations team, she specialises in the internal CRM system.

For the second time, Louis Awode will be co-hosting the event alongside Gerlinde Comisel. He started his career five years ago as a working student and is now an indispensable pillar of the SCM Knowledge Factory team. He is passionate about building and transferring knowledge at ifm business solutions gmbh and is paving the way for a future-orientated learning culture using AI.

Photo of the moderator duo Gerlinde Comisel and Louis Awode at the ifm SUCCESS DAYS 2022

Accompanying the guests through the programme: Gerlinde Comisel and Louis Awode from ifm

Try out the software



30 minutes with the ifm experts to discuss the GIB Suite modules and Supply Chain Excellence on SAP S/4HANA.

The test track provides space for questions about our software's functionality and possible applications.

As a professional, take advantage of the opportunity for a deep dive if you are already using the software or, if you are interested, let us give you an overview of the complete package. 

Sven Daniel Heck presents the ifm software solutions to interested customers in a live demo at the ifm SUCCESS DAYS 2023.

Sven Daniel Heck, ifm, with interested customers on the test track

 Test track slot - strictly limited:

  • Booking is now possible via the event app (registration required)

Please note: The test track is not offered in a digital format but is only available to participants on-site.

AGENDA DAY 1 - 04.06.2024



Planning, Pricing, Processing – The 3 P's of Supply Chain Excellence

What challenges do process owners face and how can we support them with our products and services? Where do we create transparency, how do we facilitate operational activities, and how do we contribute to the optimisation of processes or the early detection of problems?

  • Apollo - The theatre
  • DAY 1 - 09:45 to 10:15 a.m.
  • On-site and online
Björn Dunkel

With a technical and commercial education, a wealth of expertise in strategic product development and gifted sales skills: Björn Dunkel cannot be pigeonholed - or at least not just into one! The current Managing Director of ifm business solutions gmbh and top product manager of ifm Supply Chain Software stands for the solutions and the division itself like no other.

Bilgin Kilic

21 years at GIB, 20 of them in sales - hardly any customer or prospective customer is unfamiliar with his face. What is unknown, however, is that Bilgin Kilic began his career in the company as an ABAP programmer and headed the ABAP programming templates division for almost 10 years. For almost 4 years, the sales professional has been fully responsible for direct sales.

SCM symposium and networking event


Your presenter in Apollino

Ms Ari has been part of the ifm SUCCESS DAYS moderation team since last year. She can be found in the Apollino on both days. In real life, she has been part of the internal sales team for five years, where she is valued as a competent contact person for our customers and interested parties.

Photo of Kübra Ari, moderating the SCM symposium ifm SUCCESS DAYS 2024 at Apollino.

Kübra Ari, GIB S&D GmbH

All presentations and breakout sessions at Apollino can only be attended on-site. 

SCX Overview 


Detect, optimise and control with the SCX indicators

How do you assess the quality of your supply chain? Which objective key figures can be used in a meaningful way? What benefits do you derive from a qualitative assessment of the process areas of Demand Planning, Manufacturing, Procurement, Inventory Management and Sales & Distribution?

  • Uncovering potential using indicators
  • Drillthrough: Which KPIs are behind the indicators?
  • One truth for all: The SAP core does not lie

Use the Supply Chain Excellence KPI system to engage in dialogue with colleagues and employees to scrutinise issues, uncover potential for optimisation and improve your processes. Ask the right questions in future and back up your statements with irrefutable key figures. How does this work? You can find the answer here.

  • Apollo - The theatre
  • DAY 1 - 10:20 to 11:05 a.m.
  • On-site and online
Janek Grebe

Janek Grebe knows how to successfully use his many years of experience as an in-house consultant for PP and PLM in the industry and his expertise in the standardisation of supply chain processes as a process owner for international SAP rollouts in his consulting projects. He has been working as a process consultant for ifm for three years. In this role, he optimises supply chain processes together with his customers, identifies synergies, supports implementation and thus ensures greater efficiency.

DAY 1 - 10:30 to 11:05 a.m.


On-site / not online

Partner presentation

Targeted implementation of a plan-for-every-part using controlling from ifm

With the support of Emporias Management GmbH, automotive supplier Hirschmann Automation has optimised its inventory planning:

By introducing a differentiated scheduling strategy and redefining a material class concept, and not least by using ifm's controlling solution, impressive successes were achieved. The "Plan-For-Every-Part", or PFEP for short, led to a significant reduction in stocks at Hirschmann while at the same time increasing material availability. In addition, the planning effort was effectively reduced. This presentation will provide you with first-hand details of the successful "PFEP" concept.

Photos of Uli Deutschmann (Hirschmann Automation & Control GmbH) and Christopher Schreiner (EMPORIAS Management Consulting GmbH), who will give a presentation on the targeted implementation of a PFEP at ifm SUCCESS DAYS 2024.

Uli Deutschman, Hirschmann Automation & Control GmbH (a Beldon Brand) & Christopher Schreiner, EMPORIAS Management Consulting GmbH

Demand Planning


Predicting sales: recognising sales trends and developing growth strategies

Magic, crystal balls or sound stochastics - there are many ways to create a sales plan. We swear by maths and facts! Find out which forecasting models are suitable for which scenario and why you can trust the software's automated recommendations. What makes sales planning accurate and how can you assess the accuracy of your forecast ex-post? "Getting better" is only possible by setting goals and monitoring. Jay Ganesh will show you how you can use demand planning software to improve your forecast and thus your entire process chain. Learn about the highlights of the current release 24.0 and find out what roadmap planning for ifm's Demand Planning Software looks like.

  • Recognising sales trends through targeted forecasting
  • Build growth strategies on accurate forecasts
  • Compare sales planning with actual values and learn from them

Look forward to "the next generation of demand planning"

  • Apollo - The theatre
  • DAY 1 - 11:35 am to 12:20 pm
  • On-site and online
Jayantth Ganesh

Jayantth Ganesh has been working as a consultant for ifm since 2020. He specialises in demand and sales planning, including creation accurate forecasts. In addition to his native Indian, Jay Ganesh speaks four other languages fluently. He is therefore deployed by ifm worldwide in demand planning.

DAY 1 - 11:35 am to 12:20 pm


On-site / not online

Partner presentation

aflexio – Gesellschaft für Management- und Prozessberatung mbH

Content follows

Photo of Martin Pesch, aflexio GmbH

Martin Pesch, aflexio – Gesellschaft für Management- und Prozessberatung mbh

Customer presentation


How Demand Planning Works at FUCHS PETROLUB SE

In their presentation, Dr Ann-Kathrin Müller and Thomas Engelhardt will report on challenges and solutions in the sales planning and explain the extent to which ifm supply chain software provides support.

Inhalte folgen

  • Apollo - The theatre
  • DAY 1 - 13:20 to 13:50
  • On-site and online
DAY 1 - 13:20 to 14:00


  • The number of participants is limited
  • Secure your place now via the event app. (registration required)
  • On-site / not online

Breakout Session

How do you plan your production? And why?

Production planning specialist Björn Knabe and AI expert Daniel Schneider will discuss with you whether and to what extent AI can help in production planning. What are the benefits, where are the dangers and why shouldn't everything just stay as it is?

What are your reasons for sticking to your approach? Is the use of AI too complex? Are you afraid of black box results? Is the master data not OK?

Create the optimiser of the future with the ifm experts!

Photos by Björn Knabe (ifm business solutions gmbh) and Daniel Schneider (ifm statmath gmbh), who will lead a breakout session on optimising production planning with AI at ifm SUCCESS DAYS 2024.

Björn Knabe, ifm businsess solutions gmbh & Daniel Schneider, ifm statmath gmbh

External keynote


The world is watching Siegen and the superquantum computer

The FAZ speaks of the ‘quantum supercomputer’, the Industrieanzeiger of the ‘world's first modular supercomputer’ and NRW Minister President Hendrik Wüst says: ‘This pioneering project will make a significant contribution to ensuring that our state remains at the forefront of research and innovation.’ The whole world has been researching a practical quantum computer for years, and Siegen has now succeeded. Dr Michael Johanning presents the status, challenges and prospects of the technology and shows what is possible with quantum physics made in Siegen.

  • Apollo - The theatre
  • DAY 1 - 13:55 to 14:40
  • On-site and online
Dr habil. Michael Johanning - CTO

The habilitated physicist Dr Michael Johanning is co-founder and CTO of eleQtron. In addition to his successful involvement in a large number of third-party-funded projects, he has published several research papers on quantum information technology. Dr Johanning can look back on a career with Prof. Dr William Phillips (Nobel Prize 1997 for laser cooling) and was a lecturer at the University of Siegen for many years.

DAY 1 - 14:05 to 14:40


On-site / not online

Partner presentation

Software testing made easy...

A new release, a new module or an update: time and again, key users are faced with the challenge of testing all transactions and functionalities.

The test automation software from suxxesso offers ground-breaking relief here. The key user saves time, the company saves costs and the test quality is automatically increased.

Christian Gaiser explains how the software works and Anke Baier describes her experiences in practical use, according to the motto ‘...if you have to change a running system!’

Photos of Christian Gaiser (suxxesso gmbh) and Anke Baier (ifm business solutions gmbh), who will give a presentation on the suxxesso test automation software at ifm SUCCESS DAYS 2024.

Christian Gaiser, suxxesso gmbh & Anke Baier, ifm business solutions gmbh



Infinity - not an option for production planning

Infinity is reserved for outer space, this presentation is about finite capacities, intuitive planning via drag-and-drop, knowledge about the availability of tools and much more. Dirk Fritz will show beginners and advanced users how modern production planning works, what refinements the current release has in store for you and where the roadmap will take you in the future.

  • Planning finite capacities in production
  • Plan orders efficiently with the graphical planning board
  • Availability of production resources
  • Display capacity utilisation transparently in the dashboard

Newcomer, NewFunctions and Roadmap presentation all in one

  • Apollo - The theatre
  • DAY 1 - 15:10 to 15:55
  • On-site and online
Dirk Fritz

Learned from the ground up: Dirk Fritz has decades of experience as a manufacturing process manager, production manager and head of production planning. The trained tool mechanic spent several years travelling the world with the international introduction of SAP PP for a company in the metalworking industry until he found his new home at ifm two years ago.

DAY 1 - 15:10 to 16:30


  • The number of participants is limited  
  • Secure your place now via the event app. (registration required)
  • On-site / not online

Breakout Session

Target Workbench & Rule Workbench

The goal is clearly in sight!
Together with process consultant Carla Lochte and manager Marc Bertelmann, you will gain an overview of the jungle of key figures and optimise scheduling in a targeted manner.

Carla Lochte, GIB S&D GmbH & Marc Bertelmann, ifm business solutions gmbh

Customer presentation


Manufacturing at Bizerba SE & Co. KG: ‘Road to Planning’

As a globally operating group, Bizerba is active in 120 countries and, with over 4,500 skilled employees and an annual turnover of around 850 million euros, is one of the heavyweights in the industry. The presentation deals with the introduction of ifm Planning in several plants, the cooperation with ifm, the challenges that had to be overcome and the successes that could be celebrated.

  • Project preparation
  • Implementation phase
  • Results from the implementation project
  • Conclusion & outlook

Bizerba's path to capacity planning

  • Apollo - The theatre
  • DAY 1 - 16:00 to 16:30
  • On-site and online
Carmelo Truisi

The industrial engineering graduate has been working for Bizerba in various positions since 2012. Whether in operational purchasing, production control or project and process coordination, Carmelo Truisi brings a wealth of practical experience with him. He has been responsible for global material and production planning since 2023.

Award ceremony & honours


Presentation of the ifm Supply Chain Management Award

Bilgin Kilic has high-calibre guests on stage again this year. Who will win the ifm SCM Award 2024 remains a surprise. Look forward to an exciting award ceremony!

The award winners 2023

From left to right: Björn Liekam (KTR Systems GmbH), Bilgin Kilic (GIB S&D GmbH), Nils Wehning (formerly KTR Systems GmbH), Uli Deutschmann, Sabine Herbrich & Vasco Bonte (Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH & Belden Deutschland GmbH) and Ulrike Rehders (Schülke & Mayr GmbH)

Thank you for many years of appreciation, reference and sympathy

Not only is the award being presented, but we are also bidding farewell to some of our most loyal contacts, best advisors and advocates as they enter their well-deserved retirement.

Mr Clavey from Airbus, Mr Zierlein from ebm-papst and Mr Körber from Gropper are honoured for their advocacy for ifm and their commitment as reference providers.

Photo of the ifm SCM Award

Since 2023, the ifm SCM Award has a new design

ifm SCM Award

Since 2012, the award has been presented to ifm customers who have excelled with special projects in the field of ifm supply chain software.

Special cost savings, particularly fast implementation projects, participation in the expansion of the software or the particularly sustainable and long-term use of the optimisation software.

Although the face of the award has changed with the name change from GIB to ifm, the message remains the same: ‘If you want the award, you have to prove your success in units, euros and minutes.’

It remains to be seen who will be among the lucky and successful winners in 2024.

AGENDA DAY 2 – 05.06.2024

External keynote


Racing driver Tim Zimmermann: ‘Life at the limit!’

Being a racing driver not only means delivering first-class performance on the track, but also motivating, steering and driving the team of technicians, designers and mechanics. Tim Zimmermann gives an impressive account of the strategies and measures he uses for this purpose and the special challenges he faces in racing. He shows life at the limit, the dazzling aspects, but also everyday life in the team.

  • Apollo - The theatre
  • DAY 2 - 09:35 to 10:35 a.m.
  • On-site and online
Tim Zimmermann

Tim Zimmermann has been an active racing driver since he was eight years old. In his presentation, he will talk about the highs and lows of his motorsport career and share interesting insights from his extensive network. He has been sponsored by ifm for eleven years.



Do better business with the right procurement strategy!


Newcomer, NewFunctions and Roadmap presentation in one

  • Apollo - The theatre
  • DAY 2 - 11:05 to 11:50 a.m.
  • On-site and online
Andreas Krebs

Consultant at ifm

DAY 2 - 11:10 to 11:45 a.m.


On-site / not online

Industry 4.0 in SMEs: Know what's going on!

Data from the production level can be utilised for business processes, e.g. condition-based maintenance, automatic replenishment control and automated goods receipt. This is what it looks like in practice.

Photo of Nikolaj Schmitz (ifm business solutions gmbh), who will be giving a presentation on Industry 4.0 in SMEs together with Florian Siebert (ifm electronic gmbh) at ifm SUCCESS DAYS 2024.

Florian Siebert, ifm electronic gmbh & Nikolaj Schmitz, ifm business solutions gmbh

Customer presentation


Procurement: Move to SAP S/4HANA at HYDAC International GmbH

HYDAC has been utilising the synergy potential of several GIB Suite modules for years: Controlling, Operations, Planning and Operations Projects. When switching to SAP S/4HANA, there was therefore no question that the suite would accompany the move to the new world.

At Easter 2024, the time had come: the move was on. In one step, the changeover took place worldwide in over 100 plants and with over 50 company codes in one fell swoop.

Jan Lißmann and Max Kreischer report on why the project was carried out on this scale, how the preparations went and how successful the implementation was. The experts focus on the ifm procurement solution and report on why it is so important for users to retain their familiar environment during the changeover.

  • Move to SAP S/4HANA - preparation, implementation and go-live
  • Obstacles, successes, priorities
  • Reliability - the switch to supply chain excellence
  • Procurement - Reliability for the user

Lessons learnt - tips for those following suit

  • Apollo - The theatre
  • DAY 2 - 11:55 a.m. to 12:25 p.m.
  • On-site and online
Jan Lißmann

After more than 19 years with the company, Jan Lissmann knows HYDAC like the back of his hand. Today, as a project manager in IT, he is responsible for SAP consulting along the supply chain.

Max Kreischer

Max Kreischer is a Logistics Coordinator in the Logistics Consulting department. He has been with HYDAC for 17 years.

DAY 2 - 11:55 to 12:25


On-site / not online

Customer presentation

Otto Fuchs is shaping the future of maintenance!

Digitalised maintenance from the sensor to SAP ERP at one of the world's leading manufacturers of non-ferrous* products. (*Not iron).

Viktor Ulrich, a graduate engineer, has been working for the ‘Preventive Maintenance’ department since 2013 and knows better than anyone the technical and human challenges that need to be overcome. With his extensive practical experience as a master craftsman and industrial foreman, his comprehensive technical expertise and the successful ‘from sensor to ERP’ project under his belt, the project engineer provides insights into the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of shop floor integration.

Picture of Viktor Ulrich

Viktor Ulrich, OTTO FUCHS KG

Inventory Management


Open the treasure chest

Don't think about stockpiles, dregs and unnecessarily tied-up capital. See your inventory management as a treasure chest in which you can rediscover capital that you thought was long lost.

How does this work? With first-class software that provides you with transparency about stocks and movements, excellent categorisation and automated master data maintenance.

Let Sven Daniel Heck introduce you to the secrets of excellent inventory management and find out what tricks and tips the new release 24.0 has in store for you. Think positive - Think inventory!

  • Stock and movement transparency
  • Classification with ABC/XYZ analysis
  • Automated master data maintenance
  • Material behaviour & MRP parameters

A presentation for beginners and advanced users with an outlook on the roadmap.

  • Apollo - The theatre
  • DAY 2 - 13:25 to 14:10
  • On-site and online
Sven Daniel Heck

Consultant at ifm

DAY 2 - 13:25 to 14:10


  • The number of participants is limited  
  • Secure your place now via the event app. (registration required)
  • On-site / not online

Breakout Session

Finding instead of searching!

Using Track & Trace for the digitalisation of intralogistics processes: e-Kanban, automated recording of incoming goods, tracking of materials and containers.

Pictures of Steffen Heuel, Jan Wagener, Nikolaj Schmitz

Steffen Heuel, HEUEL & LÖHER GMBH & CO. KG (Localino), Jan Wagener, ifm solutions gmbh, Nikolaj Schmitz, ifm business solutions gmbh

Customer presentation


Deep Understanding Safety Stocks - Precise predictions through AI

Impending supply bottlenecks, unpredictable market dynamics and the pressure of constant delivery readiness - many companies react to these challenges with excessive safety stocks. The result: excessive inventories, exploding costs, dregs.

‘THERE'S A SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER WAY!’ say Macao da Costa Zuzarte and Marc Bertelmann. The two top developers relied on AI to solve this multiple challenge, and in this presentation they show that it works, using the example of luminaire manufacturer Trilux:

  • Data-centric optimisation approach
  • Intelligent collection and in-depth analysis of data
  • AI in the classic ERP SAP system
  • AI - ready for S/4HANA

Together with Katharina Hachmann from Trilux, the experts will impressively demonstrate how precise inventory management works in the modern age and how the use of AI brings more resilience and sustainability to supply chain processes.

  • Apollo - The theatre
  • DAY 2 - 14:20 to 14:50
  • On-site and online
Marc Bertelmann

Technical Manager Inventory at ifm

DAY 2 - 14:20 to 14:55


  • The number of participants is limited  
  • Secure your place now via the event app. (registration required)
  • On-site / not online

Breakout Session

Watch and build!

Now it's your turn: build an IIoT landscape under the guidance of the experts! And this is what will be built: Record operating hours, and monitor statuses and quantities.

Matthias Marx, GIB S&D GmbH & Friends



The clean core - SAP's visionary app landscape

The clean core – this statement has been haunting the SAP community for years. But what is behind it? What does this technological premise mean for partner products and Z programmes? Björn Dunkel explains clearly and understandably what is technologically highly demanding. He points out the consequences, offers solutions from ifm and shows the BTP roadmap for supply chain excellence.

  • Why are there only apps in BTP?
  • How permeable are the boundaries in the core?
  • How disruptive is the approach compared to previous technology?
  • What solutions does ifm offer? When?


  • Apollo - The theatre
  • DAY 2 - 14:55 to 15:30
  • On-site and online
Björn Dunkel

Managing Director ifm business solutions gmbh

DAY 2 - 15:00 to 15:30


On-site / not online

Partner presentation

Mastering the entry into industrial AI with process mining

Artificial intelligence is a tool with which we can counteract the shortage of skilled labour, reduce the workload of employees and ultimately maintain our prosperity. The importance of the data basis for successful use is demonstrated by the fact that data scientists spend over a third of their working time on data procurement and data cleansing and every second one of them sees ‘data quality’ as the biggest challenge. Although it is possible to work with the data after the time-consuming cleansing process, processing silos unfortunately arise far too often. For a holistic approach, work should therefore first be done on the foundation. With process mining, you can create precisely this foundation, generate added value and at the same time involve your employees in your AI strategy - as our practical examples show.

Dr Clemens Wolf, Rothbaum Consulting Engineers GmbH