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Magnetically coded sensor



Magnetically coded sensor



  • Actuation possible from different directions
  • Conceal behind stainless steel for enhanced tamper prevention
  • Meets the new interface description CB24I from ZVEI
  • Meets highest safety levels to ISO 13849-1 and SILCL 3 to IEC 62061

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Technical details
Product characteristics
Output function 2 x normally open; (potential-free)
Sensing range [mm] 5; (with defined actuator)
Housing rectangular
Dimensions [mm] 36 x 13 x 26
Design coded target
Type of operation permanent operation
Electrical data
Operating voltage [V] 24 DC
Rated insulation voltage [V] 60
Protection class III
Reverse polarity protection no
Internal resistance (Ri) [Ω] 10; (1 W)
Output function 2 x normally open; (potential-free)
Permanent current rating of switching output DC [mA] 50
Switching frequency DC [Hz] 150
Output data Interface type A
Short-circuit proof no
Max. capacitive load CL_max [nF] 20
Detection zone
Sensing range [mm] 5; (with defined actuator)
Safe switching-off distance s(ar) [mm] 15
Response times
Response time to safety request [ms] 10
Max. fall time [ms] 0.1
Max. make time incl. bounce [ms] 0.6
Operating conditions
Applications class C to EN 60654-1 weatherproof application
Ambient temperature [°C] -25...80
Note on ambient temperature
operational life ≤ 87600 h
Ambient temperature [°C] 10...40
Note on ambient temperature
operational life ≤ 175200 h
Max. relative air humidity [%] briefly: 5...95 %; permanent: 5...70 %
Air pressure [kPa] 80...106
Max. height above sea level [m] 2000
Salt spray no
Protection IP 67; IP 69K; (protected cable laying)
Tests / approvals
IEC 60947-5-1
Shock resistance
EN 60068-2-27 30 g (11 ms)
Vibration resistance
IEC 60068-2-6 10 g (10...55 Hz)
Safety classification
Mission time TM [h] ≤ 175200
Mission time TM (additional indication)
20 years
B10D 20.000.000; (without load; at max. load DC 12, 24 V, 50 mA: 400.000)
Mechanical data
Weight [g] 114.5
Housing rectangular
Mounting non-flush mountable
Dimensions [mm] 36 x 13 x 26
Materials PA
Tightening torque [Nm] 0.8...2
Items supplied
coded target
cover caps: 4
In connection with a G150xS / AC4x2S type evaluation unit, it is possible to reach up to PL e (ISO 13849-1) or SIL cl 3 (IEC 62061)
Pack quantity 1 pcs.
Electrical connection - plug
Connection Connector: 1 x M8
ifm electronic gmbh • Friedrichstraße 1 • 45128 Essen — EN-GB — MN202S — 04.11.2020 —

VDMA66413 library for all ifm safety products

Library of safety-related characteristic values in accordance with the VDMA-66413 standard for all ifm products for functional safety. This library is suited for use with SISTEMA 2.x and other tools.


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  • Name ifm VDMA 66413 Lib.
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  • Type .zip
  • Description ifm VDMA 66413 Lib (.xml) @ SISTEMA; FSDT - Functional safety design tool; PAScal; Safety Automation Builder RASWin;  SET - Safety Evaluation Tool; EPLAN Plattform

VDMA66413 library extension for MN20xS/ MN50xS and G150xS/ AC4x2S series connections

This library shall provide help with the set-up of a series connection of type MN20xS or MN50xS sensors at a G150xS or AC4x2S evaluation unit. This library is suited for use with SISTEMA v2.0.8 or higher and other tools.


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  • Name VDMA66413 library extension
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  • Type .zip
  • Description This folder contains the library file (.xml) and the addition to the operating instructions in the following languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese