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Replaced by: DD0203 – Product comparison: DD0116 / DD0203

discontinued article
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Evaluation unit for speed monitoring


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Technische Details
Product characteristics
Housing housing for DIN rail mounting
Dimensions [mm] 75 x 55 x 110
Application universal evaluation of pulse sequences with regard to overspeed and underspeed; rotational speed monitoring
Electrical data
Nominal voltage AC [V] 110...240
Nominal voltage DC [V] 110...240
Nominal voltage tolerance [%] < 10
Nominal voltage tolerance 2 [%] 20...10
Nominal frequency AC [Hz] 50...60
Auxiliary energy for sensors DC [V] 24; (≤ 30 mA)
Inputs / outputs
Number of inputs and outputs Number of digital outputs: 1; Number of relay outputs: 1
Number of digital outputs 1
Number of relay outputs 1
Contact rating 6 A (250 V AC); B300, R300
Analogue current output [mA] ...200
Analogue voltage output [V] ...24
Measuring/setting range
Setting range [Imp/min] 5...5000
Accuracy / deviations
Hysteresis [% of Sr] 5...100
Repeatability [% of Sr] 1
Response times
Start-up delay [s] 0.5...15
Software / programming
Adjustment of the switch point fine adjustment within the range with potentiometer
Operating conditions
Ambient temperature [°C] -20...70
Protection IP 40
Protection rating terminals IP 20
Tests / approvals
MTTF [years] 269
Mechanical data
Weight [g] 0.294
Housing housing for DIN rail mounting
Dimensions [mm] 75 x 55 x 110
Materials plastics
Displays / operating elements
switching status LED, green
operation 1 x LED, green
Notes discontinued article
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