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  2. Systems for mobile machines
  3. I/O modules
  4. Devices for use in control cabinets

Devices for use in control cabinets

  • Use as a controller for cockpit or operating panels of mobile machines
  • Multifunctional configurable input and output channels
  • High-performance CAN interface for various communication tasks
  • Connection by means of connection technology for mobile applications
  • E1 type approval by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Federal Motor Transport Authority)

Devices for use in control cabinets

Decentralised I/O module and mini controller in one unit

ioControl is a decentralised I/O module connected to the controller via CAN bus. It is installed away from the controller on remote machine parts right where the signals are generated. The high protection rating makes it suitable for outdoor installation in wet and dirty areas.

Connectors, which are widely used in mobile automation, ensure an easy and safe connection of sensors and actuators. Networking of the CAN bus is effected via prewired drop cables.

ioControl can either be used as a configurable I/O module or as a mini controller in the field. CODESYS is used as a programming System.