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Systems for vibration monitoring and diagnostics – Software

  • For easy parameter setting and set-up of vibration monitoring systems
  • Comparison of measured values from different data sources in a diagram
  • Visualisation of raw data of the vibration transmitters
  • Simple guided creation of monitoring tasks
  • Tree structure for a structured administration of devices and data

Systems for vibration monitoring and diagnostics – Software

Systems for vibration monitoring and diagnostics – software

The parameter setting software is used to configure and visualise data provided by diagnostic electronics type VSE for vibration monitoring. The components to be monitored - rolling element bearings, motors and gears - are defined with the software and then stored in the diagnostic electronics as parameter sets.
All devices, parameters and settings in the same project are displayed in a tree structure. Designations can be freely chosen. Users can easily depict the structures of their plants, installations or machines. All project data including parameter sets, measurement data, recordings and history files are managed via the tree structure.

The monitoring function allows the user to view all measured data of the diagnostic electronics in a clear and structured way. Both the raw signal provided by the connected sensors (time signal) and the processed data (e.g. frequency spectra or object values) can be accessed.
The OPC server software provides an interface which standardises the data from the VSE electronic diagnostic electronics and ifm's multicode reader for integration into a higher level system. The software licences are divided into four levels and are dependent on the number of networked units.
Different OPC client programs process the available OPC data enabling a wide variety of user scenarios.
Using the VSE diagnostic electronics it is possible to export and describe previously configured vibration characteristics and monitoring parameters such as switch points, trigger and speed signals.