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Vibration sensors and transmitters

  • Analogue and wireless vibration transmitters, as well as intelligent IO-Link vibration sensors
  • Easy switch point setting via two setting rings, integrated display or IO-Link
  • Reliable and intelligent characteristic value calculation directly in the sensor
  • Easy connection without additional diagnostic software

Vibration sensors and transmitters

Systems for vibration monitoring and diagnostics – vibration sensors and transmitters

The unit is easy to set up without needing any additional parameter setting software.
The transmitters are designed and approved for use in hazardous areas according to the applicable directives.
The vibration transmitter of the VKV series has an additional switching output that can be used as alarm output. Two setting rings (easy-turn) on the unit allow intuitive and accurate setting of the switch point and response delay. A scale shows the set values. Two highly visible LEDs indicate the switching status and readiness for operation.
Due to the possibility of mechanical locking, unauthorised manipulation is excluded. The protective cap, which is optionally available, ensures protection against tampering. It is often used for condition monitoring of ventilators or fans, where it reliably detects damaged impellers.

The VN electronic vibration sensor has two switching outputs. One of the outputs can be used for the pre-alarm and the other one for the main alarm. The pre-alarm allows the user to schedule and perform maintenance actions during regular operation breaks. A main alarm signifies that a critical machine state is reached; the switching signal can be used to shut down the system. Alternatively, the user can configure one of the outputs as an analogue output to monitor the overall vibration.

The analogue input can be used to monitor an additional parameter such as the temperature. Like vibration, temperature is often used as a key indicator of the state of a machine.

The parameters are set with parameter setting software via a USB interface which also supplies the sensor with operating voltage. An unbalanced machine vibrates dependent on its revolutions. The sensor can be set according to this frequency or according to the damage frequencies of the rolling element bearings to be monitored. A bright multicolour display indicates the measured values. Changing colours (green - yellow - red) signal the current condition of the machine.