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Diagnostic electronics

  • Configurable outputs for "early warning" and "main alarm".
  • Analogue inputs for monitoring further measurement variables
  • Integrated history memory with real-time clock
  • Continuous characteristic value calculation of up to 4 acceleration sensors

Diagnostic electronics

Systems for vibration monitoring and diagnostics – diagnostic electronics

In combination with accelerometers, the diagnostic electronics of the VSE series can be used for vibration monitoring and condition-based maintenance of machines and installations. Unbalance, bearing or gear conditions can be monitored, preventing machine overload or unexpected downtime.

Using the diagnostic unit it is possible to continuously and simultaneously analyse and evaluate the signals of up to four accelerometers. The unit has two switching outputs. One of the outputs can be used for the pre-alarm and the other one for the main alarm. The pre-alarm allows the user to schedule and perform maintenance actions during regular operation breaks. A main alarm signifies that a critical machine state is reached; the switching signal can be used to shut down the system. Alternatively, the user can configure one of the outputs as an analogue output to monitor the overall vibration. The two analogue inputs can be used to monitor further parameters such as speed or temperature. In addition, the unit features an onboard time-stamped memory to store the trend history of all diagnostic characteristics.
ifm offers parameter setting software for configuration of the diagnostic electronics.