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Fast and precise: photoelectric sensor measures distances in the μm range

  • Detects tiny objects in the micrometre range
  • Suitable for high-frequency applications
  • Three operating modes and a robust, compact design enable a wide range of applications
  • Convenient parameter setting and data readout on IT level

Precise object detection in demanding environments

The compact photoelectric distance sensor OMH shows its strengths where other sensors reach their limits.
For fast conveyor belt applications, it provides measuring frequencies of up to 1200 Hz in speed mode and detects tiny objects thanks to a resolution of up to 0.01 millimetres. With Power Mode, the OMH maintains this micrometre accuracy even when the nature of the objects makes them difficult for ordinary distance sensors to detect.

Given its high accuracy, precise arrangements and positioning of components, such as those required in battery cell production, can also be reliably ensured with the OMH.