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  1. TCC
  2. Applications


Pasteurization systems

Steam injected pasteurization systems produce high amounts of shock and vibration.

  • The TCC construction is rugged and durable for even these types of applications

Temperature control is critical for proper elimination of bacteria. Improper pasteurization can result in total loss of product.

  • Automate measurment uncertainty through the TCC's calibation check feature

CIP skids

CIP processes involve multiple cycles of hot and cold liquids to ensure adequate cleaning. This thermal shock can cause temperature instruments to drift, bringing measurement uncertainty into question.

  • The TCC is resistant to thermal shock due to the construction of the sensing element system
  • The large LED on the housing is a visual indication of measurement uncertainty

Cold storage vessels

Condensation seen in cold storage tanks can cause ingress in traditional "head chamber / hockey puck" transmitters.

  • The one-piece sealed construction of the TCC eliminates moisture ingress

Temperature control is critical for product quality.

  • Automate measurment uncertainty through the TCC's calibation check feature

Tank farms

Every tank has multiple points of measurement, including temperature, level, pressure, conductivity, etc.  Each instrument requires wiring and signal processing for production operation.

  • The TCC is equipped with IO-Link to provide a digital network for cost effective installation
  • The dual measurement values from one TCC sensor adds redundant measurement without additonal cost