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Excessive pressing of the sealing ring impossible

Versions of the ecolink M12 series

Due to the special design of the mechanical end stop the O-ring is always correctly compressed and so permanently maintains its sealing function.
The saw tooth contoured vibration protection prevents unintended loosening of the coupling nut, even in case of strong vibration or shocks.
No tools needed for installation and removal.

Higher protection rating due to profiled sealing ring

Versions of the ecolink M8 series

High-quality materials and an innovative sealing concept increase the protection rating and thereby the machine uptime. Connectors of this ecolink series can be used in particularly demanding applications in factory automation, the machine tool industry, welding applications, the food and beverage industry or the metalworking industry.

LEDs always clearly visible

Versions of the ecolink M8 and M12 series

Versions in novel design. Transparent black housings ensure that, even in bright lighting conditions, the LEDs are more clearly visible than with the clear transparent versions. This is an important prerequisite to keep an eye on the plant process all the time and to be able to act quickly in case of problems.