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  2. On the occasion of the Red Dot Design Week: TCC, winner of the Red Dot Design Award, in focus

On the occasion of the Red Dot Design Week: TCC, winner of the Red Dot Design Award, in focus

In March, the TCC temperature sensor was awarded the Red Dot Design Award. On the occasion of the Red Dot Design Week from 22 to 26 June, a special spotlight will be put on this year's winners.

The TCC temperature sensor has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award.
The clear design language, ideal cleaning properties and high-quality materials that make it both ecological and economical have convinced the jury.

ifm's TCC temperature sensor is used in sensitive processes, e.g. in the food industry.  The clearly visible 3-colour signalling element ensures clear indication of the instrument status.

The TCC spares the user regular, complicated calibration processes, as it monitors itself and signals deviations visually and digitally in good time.

Thanks to its clear design, ideal cleaning features and high-quality materials, it is both an ecological and economical solution.

What is the Red Dot Design Week?

During the Red Dot Design Week from 22 to 26 June 2020, the Red Dot team will present an exciting programme via different social media channels, with a special focus on Instagram (@reddotaward_productdesign). From technical discussions to exciting insights into the jury sessions and virtual exhibition tours – look forward to a week dedicated to great design and the minds behind it.

Each day will have a different focus: On Monday, the focus will be on the Red Dot: Best of the Best winners, on Tuesday it will be on Fiskars, the Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2020. The career of Jean-Claude Biver, winner of the Red Dot: Personality Prize, will be the main topic of the third day. On Thursday, the exhibitions "Design on Stage" and "Milestones in Contemporary Design" featuring all winners and a special exhibition created by Fiskars will be presented. On the last day of the Red Dot Design Week, the focus will be on smart and innovative products.

Click here for further information about the Red Dot Design Week. Here you can find our social media channels.


By the way:

  • in 2015, ifm won with the PN and 
  • in 2016, with the Vortex sensor SV and 
  • in 2018,  ifm also won the Red Dot Design Award - for the light tower. Click here for more information.
  • a different award, but three products were also awarded for extraordinary product design for the second time in a row earlier this year: the magnetic sensor MQ2000, the wirable socket EVF570 and the multicode reader O2I500 - with the German Design Award  - click here for all information.

About the Red Dot Award: Product Design                   
The Red Dot Award: Product Design, whose activities can be traced back to 1955, finds the best products of every year. In 48 categories, manufacturers and designers from all around the globe can submit their designs to the competition. According to the motto "In search of good design and innovation", the Red Dot jury evaluates the entries and only awards a Red Dot to products whose design quality is sufficiently convincing.