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  1. IO-Link benefits
  2. System integration

System integration of IO-Link

What is needed to get started with IO-Link?

The basic setup describes how to connect an IO-Link master to a computer via Ethernet cable and presents some other basic functions.

Basic setup

Convenient sensor parameter setting

The software moneo configure allows you to configure each sensor quickly and easily via a PC. A single-port master (e.g. E30390) or an Ethernet IO-Link master (e.g. AL1300) is required in addition.

Parameter setting

Quick controller integration

For permanently installed communication in the field, the device can be used with a field master in COM mode (IO-Link operation). In addition to the hardware, ifm offers a startup package for data integration into the PLC.

PLC connection

Easy access in IIoT applications

To transfer data to the IT world, you can collect it e.g. via TCP-IP or MQTT using the field masters.

IIoT connection