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The new generation of vortex sensors

Tried-and-tested principle redesigned

New design, improved robustness and proven precision: with their inner and outer values, the new generation of Vortex sensors convinces all along the line, making the flow measurement of deionised water, drinking water or cooling water more easier than ever before.
Thanks to the new design and new materials, the number of inner seals could be minimised: housing and bluff body are made of one piece, guaranteeing high pressure and temperature resistance.

More robust against hydrolysis, pressure and temperature

The material used is characterised by high hydrolysis resistance, which has a positive effect on the service life of the device. In addition, the material is resistant to microbiological attack, which reduces the risk of legionella development, especially in cooling water circuits.

Identical installation dimensions

The installation dimensions correspond to those of the existing Vortex generation, allowing for a smooth changeover to the new generation.

Possible applications of the vortex flow sensor

In applications with water and water-based media, the vortex sensors reliably measure the flow rate. Not only the cooling capacity in cooling water applications can be ensured, the correct amount of water for growing plants in indoor farming can also be regulated. The use cases provide an insight into applications that have already been solved with our customers.