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Passive surface temperature probe

Simple process monitoring even on small pipes

The temperature probe for surface mounting enables quick, flexible and easy measuring point configuration. The passive temperature probe is particularly suitable for use on small pipe diameters where invasive temperature monitoring would significantly affect the flow of the medium. As the values are recorded non-invasively, there is no risk of contamination of the medium. Instead, the installation is easy and does not require time-consuming and cost-intensive drilling and welding, so that the measuring point can also be installed in the running process.

Tested hygienic suitability

Thanks to a temperature range of up to 160 °C, high protection rating IP69K and the hygienically safe mounting principle tested by Ecolab, the probe is also suitable for use in food production. In combination with invasive temperature monitoring, for example, complete heating of the pipes required in the CIP process can be ensured.

Perfect duo: temperature sensor and plug

The resistance values of the passive surface temperature sensor can be analysed with the TP temperature plug. It converts the values of the PT100 and PT1000 elements into analogue or IO-Link signals.