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Miniature inductive sensors with M8 connector


The inductive IY/IZ type sensors are used in various industrial areas where space is limited, for example, in machine tools, assembly automation and electronics production. They detect end positions of small grippers and clamps, can be used to accurately monitor speed of gears and rotary movements.

Longer sensing range for stable processes

The longer sensing range makes it easy to position the sensors. The position detection is reliable even in case of mechanical tolerances, avoiding accidental switching. This increases the process reliability.


The M5 thread makes it easy to screw in the IY housing. The IZ housing has a 4 mm smooth sleeve and can be fastened precisely and efficiently using the corresponding holder.

Protection rating IP67 for challenging environmental conditions

The robust housing has been specially developed for demanding industrial environments and offers durability and reliability. Thanks to protection rating IP67, the sensors guarantee reliable performance even under extreme conditions such as dust, moisture and vibrations, which improves process stability and efficiency in various industrial sectors.