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The SU Puresonic ultrasonic flow sensor

Ensuring process quality easily and permanently

The SU Puresonic detects flows with high precision. Thanks to ultrasound technology, this also applies to ultrapure water as produced in reverse osmosis plants. In combination with the LDL101 conductivity sensor, reliable quality control can be established in the filtration process.

Robust measuring pipe without structures

The measuring pipe of the SU Puresonic is made of stainless steel and is free of measuring elements, seals and moving parts. This means that faults due to damage, leaks or blockages are excluded from the outset, as are design-related pressure drops.

Condition monitoring made easy

Equipped with IO-Link and a highly visible status LED, the SU Puresonic has everything you need to continuously monitor process quality. In this way, the status of the signal quality can be quickly read both at the IT level and in the field. If it is decreasing, this can be an indication of increased particle density or deposits on the inner wall of the pipe.

Applications of the ultrasonic flow sensor

In applications with ultrapure water, water and water-based media, the SU Puresonic is the ideal choice for precise flow measurement. Not only in water treatment does the sensor reliably monitor the amount of treated water, but also in parts cleaning and various cooling water applications, the sensor is a crucial component for regulating the water quantities.