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Battery-powered vibration sensor VWV

Vibration monitoring for simple machines

The battery-operated vibration sensor in combination with the ZB0929 Gateway and moneo RTM enables overall monitoring of the machine condition according to ISO 10816.
Together with the integrated temperature monitoring it is possible to detect imminent damage to machines and schedule demand-oriented maintenance to prevent major damage and costly downtimes.

Fast integration, reliable communication

The wireless design allows the sensors to be installed on machine parts that are difficult to access. Data is then transmitted to the gateway directly or via mesh technology - and thanks to low power consumption and a high-capacity battery, it lasts for at least four years.

Extensive gateway connectivity

Up to 30 sensors can be connected to the gateway at the touch of a button. In addition to a wired Ethernet interface, the gateway itself also has a variety of wireless connection options.

Seamless integration into the IT level

Seamless integration into the moneo IIoT software makes the data quickly and easily available for analysis and visualisation. This makes it easy to establish reliable IT-based plant monitoring.