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Fast-response, precise flow sensor

Efficient production ensuring the required level of quality

The SBT type flow sensors ensure quality and efficiency in your production processes, for example in injection moulding plants, tyre production or meat substitute production. The sensor quickly and precisely determines the flow rate of the medium used for the conformal temperature control in order to heat or cool the mould depending on the process step. In the process, it will not be affected by air bubbles.

Thanks to the high repeatability, deviations from the setpoint are detected at an early stage, even when the flow rates are very low. Costly material waste due to premature or incomplete cooling is avoided.

Early identification of maintenance requirements

Depending on the nature of the heating or cooling medium, the channels incorporated into the injection mould for conformal temperature control can become clogged over time. Deposits such as lime or dirt particles can reduce or even prevent the flow of the heating or cooling medium. The precise sensor technology helps to quickly identify the maintenance requirements in the clogged piping system and to prevent quality degradation.

Modern energy management

Monitoring the flow and temperature has proven its worth in temperature control processes. In this way, the energy consumption of the production process can be easily monitored and optimised through precise control of temperature and flow.