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Really flat & really tight: flush G-1/2 pressure sensor

  • Resistant to viscous and abrasive media thanks to its ceramic measuring cell
  • Measuring principle extremely resistant to pressure peaks
  • True flush design prevents deposits and pipe clogging
  • Continuous transmission of pressure and temperature at a single measuring point

Defies high pressures and abrasive media

Wherever highly viscous or abrasive media such as adhesives, sealants or glue are conveyed through pipes under exact and high pressure, the compact G-1/2 pressure transmitter PL15 is the ideal choice. The flush design provides no dead space for media to adhere to, effectively preventing clogging of the pipe. The ceramic measuring cell also resists extreme pressure peaks and permanently withstands abrasive contents such as glass balls or other solid particles. ifm's own, extremely safe sealing concept of the PL15 prevents fluid media such as water or lacquers from entering the threaded area of the measurement connection under high pressure, from depositing there, or from mixing / contaminating subsequent media further into the process.

The right choice for restricted spaces and viscous media

2 in 1: pressure and temperature via IO-Link

The PL15 can be used both as a two-wire analogue and digitally via IO-Link. In the latter case, the pressure and temperature can be read continuously, as the pressure transmitter also transmits the temperature of the medium so that a second measuring point is not necessary. The operating hours can also be read via IO-Link.



Connection technology