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Fast, reliable and hygienic temperature monitoring

  • Cost savings due to fast response times < 0.25 / < 1 s [T05/T09]
  • Ideal for small nominal pipe diameters and confined
  • installation spaces High measuring range: -50...200° C
  • Zero void adapters guarantee cleanability
  • 3-point factory certificate included (online)

Temperature measurement in hygienic applications

The compact temperature transmitters are designed for demanding processes in the food and beverage industry. Their construction conforms to EHEDG, 3A, FDA and EC 1935/2004 standards. Thanks to their short measuring tip (15 or 25 mm insertion depth) and small 3 mm diameter, the sensors are ideal for pipe installations (DN20...DN100) in highly dynamic thermal processes, where they help minimise costs and reduce energy consumption.

A zero void adapter ensures dead-zone free installation and effective cleaning. Compatibility with adapters available on the market offers further potential cost savings.

The integrated IO-Link interface enables precise and loss-free digital transmission of measured values and provides additional diagnostic functions for simplified troubleshooting.

Temperature measurement and control in dynamic processes

The new TA16 temperature sensor from ifm is distinguished by its fast response time for precise temperature control. This feature helps users save energy costs and increase plant uptime.

Zero void adapters simplify cleaning

The simple process connection via zero void adapters enables rapid and easy cleaning of the measuring point. The adapter is welded to the pipe wall to form an integral part of the pipe, eliminating dead spaces that are difficult to clean.

All in one – reliable and accurate

High thermal and mechanical load limits lead to a higher plant uptime and continuous accuracy. Supplied with a factory certificate as standard, the TA16 sensor can be used immediately.