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Photoelectric sensor O6 - suitable for every application

  • Diffuse reflection sensor with reliable background suppression
  • Also available as through-beam or retro-reflective sensor
  • Distance value of the laser version to the object can be provided via IO-Link.
  • Simple setting via rotary switch potentiometer, teach buttons or IO-Link
  • Stainless steel versions Coolant and WetLine with protection rating IP 68/IP 69K

O6 WetLine: the perfect version for food and hygienic areas
The O6 WetLine sensors are mainly used in food production. The stainless steel housing, the double Viton seal and the flat front face reliably seal the sensor against effects caused by moisture and cleaning products. A special feature is the automatic switch point adjustment guaranteeing a reliable function even if there is steam, smoke or a highly reflective environment. The WetLine diffuse reflection sensors also provide a reliable background suppression in the event of highly reflective backgrounds.

WetLine version with IO-Link: even easier to set
The O6 WetLine sensors are now also available as versions with IO-Link. Via this interface, the user can set range, sensitivity, light-on / dark-on mode, switching delay or deactivation of the operating elements.

Precise laser with IO-Link detects even tiny objects
The O6 sensor with laser protection class 1 enables reliable detection of tiny objects where conventional red light sensors reach their limits. Similar to analogue sensors, the O6 laser sensor provides the distance value to the object via IO-Link. This turns a binary diffuse reflection laser sensor into a precise distance measurement system. New application possibilities include length and height monitoring. Besides, inspection tasks such as the detection of the presence of parts or their correct installation are possible via the precise distance detection. The sensor features a reliable range of 100 mm, even for objects with different colours.

O6 Coolant: ideal for metalworking
The powerful O6 Coolant sensors are specially designed for metalworking applications. Oils and coolants cannot harm the sensor thanks to the robust stainless steel version, double Viton seal and flat front face. The diffuse reflection sensors provide reliable background suppression, even in cases of highly reflective backgrounds and objects like the oily and greasy metal surfaces of the parts to be worked. The sensing range is independent of the type and colour of the object to be detected. The transparent black housing cover ensures that, even in bright lighting conditions, the LEDs are highly visible. Other applications are conveying and the automotive industry.

For long distances: O6 sensors with infrared light
Where people are to be detected, e.g. in access control such as gate applications in airports or escalator applications, visible light is often not wanted. In such applications especially photoelectric sensors with non-visible infrared light find a wide range of applications. Infrared light allows longer ranges, in particular with dark (black) objects. In addition, the products feature high extraneous light immunity. Besides energetic diffuse reflection sensors the units are also available as through-beam sensors.

Extract from the product portfolio

Overview of versions
Version O6T O6H O6P O6S O6E
Function diffuse reflection sensor diffuse reflection sensor retro-reflective sensor through-beam sensor through-beam sensor
Type energetic with background suppression with polarisation filter transmitter receiver
Note     prismatic reflector required receiver required transmitter required