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Simply reliable: fail-safe sensors for mobile machines

  • Safety sensor enters the safe state, logic “0”, as soon as the sensor is damped
  • Installation costs and time reduced as the target is only required in the end position
  • Comprehensive self-diagnostics for maintenance-free continuous operation
  • Designed for use in harsh environments

Target activates safe state
The fail-safe sensors switch into the safe state as soon as the target is detected inside the safe switch-off distance. The safety-related function is inverted when compared to the previous fail-safe sensors. This function is ideal in applications such as the protection of crane installations or industrial robots because the targets only need to be mounted at the end positions. Both the number of metallic targets and the installation complexity are considerably reduced.

Perfectly equipped for mobile use
Thanks to the robust design the sensor is perfectly suited for use in mobile machines. Applications on mobile machines such as monitoring whether supports are fully extended or waste bins gripped in the right way. Neither strong vibration nor extreme temperatures and cleaning processes affect the function of the fail-safe sensor in any way.

Reliable operation without interruptions
The sensor is equipped with sophisticated internal diagnostic functions. Among others, they detect component defects, short circuits or cross faults reliably and disconnect the outputs in case of a fault. When used as intended, maintenance of the sensor is no longer necessary.