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Conductivity sensor for clamp and hygienic pipe fittings

  • Solid tip prevents breakage
  • Reduce inaccuracies associated with a time-based cleaning process
  • Flexible process adjustments increase system efficiency

Improved performance thanks to IO-Link

  • Easily adapted to new recipes and media
  • Loss-free digital transmission of measured values

The sensors are used in cleaning processes (CIP) in the food industry. They detect the concentration of cleaning agents, check the rinsing water for residues and are used for product validation.

Precise, fast and reliable measurements during the process help to improve plant availability and optimise cleaning cycles. A reduced amount of cleaning agents, lower energy consumption during rinsing and lower water consumption result in considerable cost savings. In addition, the machine uptime is increased.

The solid tip design guarantees stability even if the sensor is exposed to increased stress.

Advantages of LDL at a glance:

Much shorter commissioning time

  • No need for additional evaluation electronics
  • Simple wiring using M12 connector

Robust and compact design

  • The fully welded stainless steel housing prevents water ingress
  • Tip made of solid material prevents breakage under high load

Attractive offer

  • High availability and fast delivery times
  • Flexible adapter concept reduces / simplifies warehousing