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Air humidity sensor: ensure the perfect climate for your processes

  • temperature and air humidity monitoring for protection of electrical systems, control cabinets or production processes
  • Plug & play thanks to screw or DIN rail mounting and M12 connector
  • Data output via analogue signal or IO-Link

Improved performance thanks to IO-Link

  • Easy sensor replacement – parameters are set automatically when connected to an IO-Link master

Permanent temperature and humidity control
The air humidity sensor provides transparency and safety for electrical installations and sensitive production processes. Fixtures for wall or DIN rail mounting and a standard M12 connector guarantee quick and error-free installation. Depending on the type, the sensor transmits the temperature and relative humidity to the controller via IO-Link in analogue or digital form. This makes it possible to protect control cabinets or test benches as well as electrical installations exposed to weather and moist conditions, such as drinks vending machines, radar measuring points or ticket machines, from moisture-related malfunctions or short circuits. In addition, the air humidity sensor can be used for quality assurance of temperature or moisture-sensitive production processes, enabling permanent indoor climate monitoring.


Protection of control cabinets and servers

Electricity and humidity have to be strictly separated from one another– this also applies to control cabinets in automized production systems. However, particularly in processes under hygienic conditions such as in the food industry humidity can enter the control cabinet due to the frequent cleaning processes. Possible causes are PG fittings, air slits, defective sealings or doors which have not been closed properly. If the humidity inside remains undetected this can lead to corrosion.