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Level transmitter with analogue output and IO-Link

  • Probe lengths of 10...200 cm
  • The probe can be cut to length, if needed
  • Compact design for limited space

Improved performance thanks to IO-Link

  • Analogue output, up to 4 switching outputs and process value transmission via IO-Link
  • User-friendly parameter setting via IO-Link by means of PC or IO-Link master

Robust and reliable
The level transmitter reliably resists harsh environmental conditions or highpressure cleaning. Its small design allows installation in restricted spaces. The digital IO-Link communication prevents disturbance in measured value transfer.

Successful thanks to modular concept
The probes can be shortened, or changed, so the LR reduces stock-keeping and simplifies replacement.

User-friendly setting
Offline setup of the sensor, by the user, is possible via PC based LR Device – IO Link Sensor parameterisation software. The data record of parameter setting can be copied to other sensors, e.g. for installations of identical design.