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Better without a float: Maintenance-free capacitive level measurement

  • Optimised for use in hydraulic oils and coolants
  • No maintenance necessary, free from mechanical parts
  • Easy adjustment and setting of the output function via inductive teach button

Improved performance thanks to IO-Link

  • 2 configurable switching outputs defined by media or temperature
  • Adjustment to different media (e.g. water/oil)

Capacitive point level switch LI
The LI513 measures media such as oil and water without using any moving parts. Reliable and maintenance-free. Build-up which causes mechanical sensors to stick has no detrimental effect. The same applies to water temperatures of up to 85°C. Talking about temperature: Thanks to the second switching output this measurement value can easily be used for process control in addition to level measurement. Alternatively, it is possible to monitor the level of two different media. If you want to, you can drop the LI into cold (or hot) water. The factory setting makes it possible. Everything else the sensor is taught instantly using the inductive teach button or IO-Link parameter-setting.

As you can see the LI513 has a head start over any float. Even though – or rather because, it has no moving parts. Capacitive and maintenance-free level measurement.

Why use point level sensor LI?

Maintenance-free Plug & Play One sensor with two measurement values and two switching outputs Two different media
No maintenance is required as the sensor has no moveable parts Available out-of-the-box for water-based media Level with integrated temperature monitoring Reliable product recognition. Differentiation between oil and water

Point level monitoringof coolants


  • Simple and reliable point level monitoring, e.g. for overspill protection


  • Reliable monitoring due to capacitive measurement technology
  • Simple to set using the integrated inductive button or software
  • Temperature and level monitoring for increased transparency in your application
  • Monitors over a large temperature range

Point level monitoring of hydraulic oil


  • Simple and reliable point level monitoring of hydraulic oil


  • Temperature and level monitoring for increased transparency in your application
  • Reliable monitoring thanks to capacitive measuring technology
  • No moving parts
  • Simple setting using the integrated inductive button or software

Replacing floats

No moveable parts. No sticking or jamming. The time and effort for maintenance is therefore reduced and the plant availability is increased. Still functions when dirt and/or foam are present. Flexible mounting position.

Four different lengths:

  • LI5131 (132 mm)
  • LI5132 (273 mm)
  • LI5133 (481 mm)
  • LI5134 (737 mm)

Added-value due to IO-Link

Flexible settings
Switching outputs can be freely configured
More capacitiy
In addition to capacitive level measurement, temperature is also possible using IO-Link
Transparent processes
Track and trend changes to the medium for condition-based monitoring (CBM)
Simplified set-up due to data management in the master
Solution orientated
Complete solutions for your application