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Magnetic sensors for utmost security

For non-contact door monitoring – easy to install, hidden installation behind stainless steel possible

  • Activation from different directions aids installation
  • Conceal behind stainless steel for enhanced tamper prevention
  • Connect in series and still identify which door is open
  • Meets the new interface description CB24I from ZVEI
  • Meets highest safety level to ISO 13849-1 and SILCL 3 to IEC 62061

Non-contact door monitoring
Magnetic sensors allow monitoring of the door status without contact. * Can reach PL e to ISO 13849-1 and SILCL 3 to IEC 62061 when used with suitable evaluation units.

Easy connection
Various connection versions with cable, M8 connector (4-pin) and M12 connector (4-pin) provide a standardised connection. With the UL and EAC approvals your machine can be operated worldwide without any concerns.

Easy installation
The standard designs in a small and large version ensure various applications even if there is only little space.

Safe connection
In combination with for example the G1501S relay or the AC041S monitor the sensors have a TÜV approval up to SILCL 3 and PL e. This safety level can also be attained with the ifm SmartPLC such as AC422S.

Which door is open?
The sensors with 3 contacts (signal contact) provide the possibility of a series connection with the information which door was opened. There are 2 contacts for the safety circuit and an additional signal for the non-safe controller.

Better protection against tampering
Since the sensors can look through stainless steel or aluminium, hidden installation is possible thus improving protection against tampering.

Robust installation
Thanks to the metal reinforcement on the mounting holes of the MN5xxS safe and robust installation of the sensor is possible.

High performance
Stable switching characteristics thanks to broad switchon/ switch-off graph. The sensor can be approached with the coded actuator from different directions.