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Wide range of new RFID antennas with IO-Link

Perfectly suited for a wide range of applications due to flexible parameter setting, diagnostics as well as data handling

  • Nine unit versions for different applications
  • Flexible parameter setting, diagnostics and data handling thanks to IO-Link
  • Perfect for identification tasks with small data volumes
  • Easy visualisation of the antenna parameters with LR DEVICE or IO-Link master via the IODD

Thanks to the easy integration via IO-Link the new RFID antennas are suitable for a wide range of applications. They are perfect for use for the identification of workpiece carriers in conveyor technology, as only a small amount of data needs to be transmitted. In machine tools, magazines and moulded parts can be detected via RFID and IO-Link. This reduces cycle times and increases the production quantity. In automotive production, body components or engines are compared to order numbers via RFID in order to control processing steps or check the final assembly.

Advantages of the RFID solutions from ifm:
ifm offers the largest product range of IO-Link sensors on the market. The new RFID antennas now complete the range. The RFID antennas are designed for the connection to IO-Link masters. These masters offer up to eight M12 sockets for the connection of IO-Link RFID antennas. Depending on the version, the IO-Link masters have an EtherCAT, Profibus, Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP or PROFINET interface for communication to the PLC. The robust design of the antennas with protection rating IP 67 and IP 69K permits use in harsh industrial environments. All RFID tags to HF standard ISO 15693 can be used.

Data width
The process data width in the process image is 32 bytes. The user data width in the process image is 28 bytes each in the input and output.

IO-Link functions

  • Upload/download of parameters for device replacement
  • Reading of transponder UIDs
  • Reading and writing of transponder user data

IO-Link additional functions:

  • Indication of the tag presence bit
  • Antenna on/off
  • Data hold time adjustable